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Turkey and Europe in History

Turkey and Europe in History

Halil İnalcık


From the midst of the fifteenth century on the Ottoman-Turkish Empire played a crucial role in shaping European history. This factor has not been weaved into Western historiography to its detriment, because explaining concepts such as raison detat, realpolitik, balance of power or even European identity remain somewhat shortchanged without according the Ottoman-Turkish Empire a role in the evolution as well as functioning of these concepts. Mutual systemic influences are a foregone conclusion however overlooked. This volume comprises nine research articles on the basic characteristics of the Ottoman Empire and its political/economic relations with Europe, published previously, but updated with further evidence.
The Ottoman Empire is generally depicted and perceived as the adversary and anti¬thesis of Europe and Europeanness in Western historiography because of certain historic reasons such as the Christian crusading tradition, public hostility due to long lasting warfare, cultural estrangement and perhaps because the Ottomans remained outside the Enlightenment process. However, there is much more to it than confrontation. Our research findings presented in this compilation point to the impact of the Ottoman-Turkish Empire in shaping modern Europe, specifically as of the 16th century and socio-cultural exchanges between the two realms through five hundred years of encounter.
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